4 Things to Remember if You’re Injured in a Car Accident: Car Accident Attorneys

When the unexpected happens and you find yourself injured in an auto accident, a few steps may help to get the care you need and the compensation necessary to cover the costs associated with an accident. Below are a few things to remember if you are injured in a car accident.

1. Take notes to document any injuries you may have sustained and its effect on your daily life.

The notes you take right after your car accident could be very useful in the following months when you or your car accident attorneys are putting the facts together to make demands for compensation. Your notes may help you to recall the details of your accident more effectively if they are detailed enough.

2. Write down other information in the days after the car accident that may be useful.

In the days following the accident, it’s usually a good idea to write down how the accident occurred, such as where you were going, what you were doing and the people you were with. You may also want to jot down details of what you saw, heard and felt during the accident. This might include any twists, blows or shocks to your body before, during and after the accident. It can be useful to note any other persons that may have seen the accident and anything said to you immediately following the incident so that you can relay them to your car accident attorneys should you choose to obtain counsel.

3. Write down any discomfort or pain you are feeling as a result of your injuries.

During the first days after your accident, you may suffer from pain, discomfort, anxiety, and lack of sleep due to your injuries. By documenting the physical and emotional effects of the accident, it may help you describe more easily in the months ahead to your lawyer and insurance company what type of pain and discomfort you were experiencing. This could make it more likely that you will receive the compensation during the time of settlement of your case.

4. Prepare to share your injury documentation with your doctor and potentially your car accident attorneys.

When you describe the details of your physical injuries to your doctor, he or she may be able to pinpoint more accurately why you might be experiencing pain several weeks after your accident. Detailed notes can help to provide a more accurate and detailed medical record for the doctor. These medical records could be important if used by your car accident attorneys to describe your injuries sustained in the car accident in the months ahead.

The law offices of Anderson, Moore, Bailey & Nowell are here to help you work through your case, explain the insurance claims process, and prepare your case to recover the costs of your injury. Good documentation of your injuries is the first step to helping ensure you receive just compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering due to your accident.

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