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Criminal Defense Lawyer Spartanburg, SC
Criminal Defense Lawyer Spartanburg, SC

Criminal Defense Lawyer Spartanburg, SC: Being charged with a crime is a serious matter, and should never be taken lightly. If convicted, you could be facing jail time, a fine, or in some cases, both. There is also the possibility of a license suspension, losing your job, or other negative unforeseen consequences. The bottom line is that a criminal conviction can dramatically change your life for the worse. The State’s sole purpose is to get a conviction, and they have numerous resources at their disposal to do just that.

An experienced criminal defense attorney is a must when someone is charged with a crime. A defense attorney’s sole purpose is to fight for the constitutionally guaranteed rights of their clients. The attorneys at Anderson & Moore, LLC can be your resource, to fight for you every step of the way.

Experience you can trust.

With two former Seventh Judicial Circuit prosecutors, Anderson & Moore, LLC knows how to handle the complexities of the criminal justice system. We will work diligently on your case, and make ourselves available whenever we are needed. Give us a call, and we will start by simply sitting down and talking about the situation. The consultation is always free, and always confidential.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Spartanburg, SC


After being arrested you may be confused on what steps to take next. You are entitle to rights no matter what happened. Contact Anderson & Moore, LLC if you have been arrested and definitely before you talk to the police or answer any questions.

During every step of the criminal justice process, you have rights. After being arrested, State and Federal laws make sure you have rights that include:

  • Remaining Silent
  • Due process of the Law before losing life, property, or liberty
  • Humane Treatment
  • Private Lawyer Consultation – regardless of affordability
  • Informed of the charges against you
  • Not be searched or seized unreasonably
  • Not to have bail set excessively

You are entitled to additional rights in courts that include:

  • Confronting witnesses against you
  • Presenting evidence and receiving witness testimonies that favor you
  • Rapid and publicized jury trail
  • Only to be tried once for the same crime to avoid double jeopardy
  • Representation that is adequate by a lawyer, even if unaffordable
  • Preventing excessive fines
  • Preventing cruel and unusual punishment
  • Presuming innocence until proven guilty

If you are interested in learning more about the specific types of criminal offenses we handle, the penalties associated with these, and what services we can provide in terms of offering you experienced criminal defense counsel in the Spartanburg area, please feel free to contact a Spartanburg criminal defense attorney at our firm at your earliest convenience. 

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