Divorce Attorney: 4 things to remember if you’re considering a divorce.

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When considering divorce in South Carolina it’s important to remember:

1. You must have proper grounds.

Grounds for a divorce in South Carolina are grouped as ‘no-fault’ and ‘fault’ grounds. The proceedings and timing of each type are a bit different. No fault grounds must include at least 1 year of legal separation without cohabitation. At fault grounds include adultery, desertion for a period of one year, physical cruelty, or habitual drunkenness including those caused by the use of narcotic drugs.

2. Social Media can be a problem.

All too often couples will drag their problems to social media. Since this provides a record of things that have been said and done, it may create an issue when you seek a settlement through divorce, especially if one side has been more vocal than the other on social media. It’s best to keep your marital issues off social media.

3. Avoid new relationships.

Even if you are filing for divorce on grounds that your spouse has committed adultery, it’s best to leave the dating scene alone until your divorce is final. You may think you have your spouse’s approval to date if you are near the end of your separation period but this may give the other party leverage in the divorce proceedings so it’s best not to date until the divorce is final.

4. There will be give and take.

Divorce proceedings can be emotional roller coasters where one or more parties feel violated. Often this leads to a mentality of ‘take them to the cleaners.’ It’s best to understand that while parties who have been victimized can have significant leverage in the proceeding, a peaceful and speedy settlement will require negotiation and give and take from both sides.

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