Spartanburg SC Attorney For Cocaine Charges

Drug charges are a very serious matter, and you want the experienced legal representation. You need to know what you’re facing in terms of a possible sentence, fines and what your options are. Have you been charged with simple possession or constructive possession? It’s time to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney in Spartanburg SC who can help you mount a proper defense strategy.

How your attorney defends you is going to be based on your particular situation and the charges you’re facing. Is there a lack of knowledge involved, meaning you have no idea you were in possession of a controlled substance? Also, when it comes to constructive possession charges, the idea is to prove that there was no intent to control the substance.

What about the penalties for possession of cocaine? Is this your first offense? If so, then when it comes to simple possession, the maximum penalty in terms of prison time is one year. That said, you’re not looking to serve anytime, as you want to be sure that the defense strategy in place gets you acquitted and off the hook.

It is important that you take the time to find the best defense lawyer to work everything out on your behalf. You want an experienced attorney who is familiar with all the laws relating to drug possession and how they pertain to citizens of Spartanburg SC.

Remember that possession penalties can have everything to do with the quantity of cocaine you were found to be in possession of at the time of your arrest. You’re probably looking at various numbers and coming up with scenarios yourself, but it’s time for a consultation with an attorney who can help you through these dark times.

What you’re facing isn’t easy, but you can be rest assured that the lawyer you choose will have helped many other individuals in your situation. Your job right now is to put your trust in a criminal defense attorney in Spartanburg who can take this off your hands.

This isn’t the end of the world. No matter what happens, it’s forward from here, and you are going to work towards the best resolution for your case. It’s time for you to pick yourself up by your bootstraps so to speak and get the legal representation that you deserve. Sit down with an attorney in your area to talk about the charges and your legal defense options.

If you are interested in learning more about the specific types of criminal offenses we handle, the penalties associated with these, and what services we can provide in terms of offering you experienced criminal defense counsel in the Spartanburg area, please feel free to contact a Spartanburg criminal defense attorney at our firm at your earliest convenience. 

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