Stricter Laws For Commercial Drivers Who Get A DUI In Spartanburg, SC

Anytime someone receives a DUI in Spartanburg, South Carolina they can face both administrative and criminal penalties. The penalties can include jail time, the loss of their license, and fines. Anyone who holds a CDL license is subject to even stricter laws than someone with an ordinary driver’s license. Here we’ll take a look at how laws are stricter for commercial drivers who get a DUI in Spartanburg, SC.

Stiff Penalties For Commercial Drivers Who Are Convicted Of A DUI

If someone with the regular driver’s license has it suspended this could be a tremendous inconvenience but when someone who holds a CDL has it suspended it is not only an inconvenience but it means they have no way to earn a living. Since most commercial drivers earn their income driving commercial vehicles then they lose that chance if they are convicted of a DUI. They not only lose their income temporarily but in some cases, they can lose their job altogether. Lots of transportation companies are forced to fire drivers who get certain driving offenses because they cannot be covered under the company’s insurance policy.

In Spartanburg, South Carolina a driver who has a regular drivers license and is found to have a blood alcohol content of .08% or more is considered to be driving while intoxicated. It’s only half that amount for anyone who holds a commercial driver’s license. That means if they blow up .04% or more then they are considered driving under the influence. If they hold a HazMat endorsement and they are carrying anything that is considered hazardous waste they can lose their license for up to three years on a first offense.

Typically those who have a driver’s license that is not for commercial purposes wouldn’t lose their license for more than 6 months for a first offense. The inability to work for even a short period of time can ruin a person’s financial situation. To go for 1, 2, or 3 years without the ability to drive would be disastrous.

If the driver were to have an accident while drunk driving and they hold a CDL they could face serious criminal charges. If someone were to die they could even go to prison for vehicular manslaughter. If a driver with a regular license were to hit and kill someone while driving under the influence they could possibly face similar charges but it is even more likely for someone with a CDL who is held to a higher standard. In either case, the offense will not only be noted on their driving record but also on their DAC report.

Commercial Drivers Must Get An Attorney When Facing DUI Charges

If someone has received a charge of driving while intoxicated and they hold a CDL, they absolutely should have an attorney to help them in court. There are lots of things that an attorney can do that most people would be completely unaware of that could help charges be reduced or even dismissed. Even when it appears that the case is cut and dry there may be reasons and ways that an experienced DUI attorney can help get charges reduced or dismissed.

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