Why You Need To Avoid A Third Offense For DUI Or DUAC in Spartanburg, SC

Although there are a number of ways in which someone might have their license suspended, one of the most serious is a conviction of DUI or DUAC. These acronyms stand for driving under the influence and driving past the legal limit of alcohol concentration. If your license were to be suspended because of this charge and you were then later found driving while your license was suspended, you’d face additional charges. Here we’ll take a look at why you need to avoid a third offense for DUI or DUAC in Spartanburg, SC

Habitual Offenders Face Harsher Penalties

Because charges of DUI and DUAC are considered by the courts to be very serious then it is not taken well by the city of Spartanburg or the state of South Carolina when someone habitually commits that crime. For that reason, when someone is facing a third offense for DUI or DUAC then the charges are even more serious and the need for legal counsel is imperative. If convicted of a third offense the individual faces substantial financial fines, extended jail time, and other penalties.

If a person is convicted of the third offense of these charges then they could spend as long as three years in jail. That would typically mean that they would be housed in one of the prisons because the local lockups in both the city and county typically will not house someone more than a year. Depending on how high the blood alcohol content was at the time of the arrest, the person convicted of the crime could face as much as $10,000 in fines.

The length of time they might serve in jail is determined in part by the blood alcohol content and can range anywhere from three years up to five years. They will typically lose their license between two to four years. In recent years, South Carolina has made a point to crack down on drunk driving and similar offenses and for that reason, they enforce these laws strictly.

South Carolina And The City Of Spartanburg Have A Zero-Tolerance For DUI

Within the state, any driver under the age of 21 can’t be found driving a vehicle if they have a blood alcohol content over .02%. This means they essentially can’t drink any alcohol and then drive a car. If a driver has an alcohol problem and they are under 21 years of age then they put themselves at serious risk for very substantial penalties if they try driving anytime they’re drinking. For that reason, they really should avoid driving when having any alcohol regardless of how little or how much.

It Is Imperative To Have Legal Counsel If Facing The Third Offense For DUAC Or DUI

Because of the seriousness of this crime and the substantial fines and lengthy jail stays you definitely do not want to go to court and face the judge without legal counsel. They are aware of all the available laws and the way the system works in Spartanburg. This means they are very often able to get the best outcome possible for you. Depending on your circumstances they may not be able to get you completely off of the charges but they can have the best possible outcome for your particular situation.

If you need sound and strong legal representation for Third Offense DUI charges, contact a Spartanburg DUI Lawyer without delay.

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