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Car accidents can be highly traumatic experiences for people. From repairing, the car to being checked by a medical professional to hiring a personal injury attorney to drawing compensation from an accident insurance claim, a lot of time is needed in order to get back life to normalcy.

Lack of Sleep and Car Accidents in Spartanburg, SC

There is a direct relation between traffic accidents and sleep deprivation, which cannot be refuted. As many as 24,318 accidental deaths in the U.S were cited in 1998, and these were associated to the deprivation of sleep. There were 2,474,430 disability injuries caused by accidents where reduced attentiveness and mental efficiency were mainly associated to loss of sleep. As per the Traffic Research Center, sleep deprivation has various influences on performance:

  • Reduced response time – Insomnia can slow your reflexes down, and can slow down your reaction time. This can prevent you from stopping during danger.
  • Reduced concentration levels – Your attention span is reduced when you are tired too much. After every 90-120 minutes, there is reduced attention. However, the reduction in attention span can be worsened due to sleepiness and accidents can be a natural consequence if you get asleep at the wheel.
  • Disordered processing of information – The effects of sleepiness are similar to the influence of drugs or alcohol. Once you feel sleepy, your psychomotor and mental skills are diminished.

Unfortunately, Accidents Happen Everyday in Spartanburg, SC

The tiredness of a driver has a direct effect on vehicular accidents, and there are various factors for the reduced response of drivers on the road.

  • Total time on the road – The total number of hours, for which the driver has been behind the wheel, can be a factor. Driving performance can be reduced, and the risk of vehicular accident can increase if someone has been driving for many hours.
  • Amount of sleep – The amount of time the driver has slept during the night before can also be a major factor. Not having enough sleep for a span of 16 hours can have a major impact on the performance of drivers. According to research, the time for sleeping for drivers who are included in vehicular accidents is smaller than those who have enjoyed enough sleep.
  • Obesity and Sleep disorders – Narcolepsy, sleep apnea and other sleep disorders in truck drivers can also be a major causative factor. A study conducted by the Stanford University shows that even higher body weight could have a serious impact on the frequency of vehicular accidents. Drivers with over 30 kg body mass can also show two times more accident rate than drivers who are not obese.
  • Environmental factors – A lack of parking and resting facilities for drivers can be another contributory factor to the accident rate.

How do I get the most money back from my car accident?

Insurance companies are businesses that are established for making profit, and work a lot in order to pay as little money as possible to victims of vehicular accidents. Sadly, it is not easy to recover money from an insurance agency. If the pain and hassles of auto accidents are not enough, insurance agencies can make it difficult for you to recover any money from damages. Know about some important steps to ensure that you can get the maximum amount of money from your insurance provider from an auto accident.

  1. Investigate the auto accident

Get the report of the accident as well as statements from the investigating officer or any witnesses. It can be useful for you to get the accident report. The report will inform you who is actually at fault as per the cop who was investigating the auto accident. It will also provide you with information about whether a citation was issued to anyone, due to the officer’s conclusions.

  1. Seek medical attention right after the auto accident

In case you have not visited a physician for your personal injuries, you will have problems in proving suffering, pain and personal injury. In case you are not sure what to do and do not have any health insurance, you can simply visit the emergency room at the closest hospital. You should keep all the notes that your doctor provides you with at the time of being discharged.

In case you feel you might have missed work due to injuries, you should ask your physician to provide you with an out of work note. This will be useful when you want to recover lost wages from the insurance provider.

  1. Follow your doctor’s advice

You should try physical therapy in case your doctor recommends so. In case you have consistently followed the advice of your doctor, you will have a much better time faring with your insurance provider.

Do not make the mistake of a “gap in treatment”.  A treatment gap is the extended time for which a client does not visit a physician for his or her injuries. The insurance agency will naturally ask whether you were actually injured in case you were not visiting a physician after a vehicular accident.

  1. Schedule a no-cost consultation with your personal injury lawyer

It is important to hire an attorney who will personally meet you, and not just send you a paralegal or an assistant. You will want an attorney having enough time to work properly on your case.

  1. Collect any relevant documents

You should get all the associated documents from your vehicular accident as well as your injuries to the consultation. This can also include the driver exchange form from your vehicular accident, any discharge notes offered by the hospital or any document that might have been mailed by your insurance agency.

It is also important to bring a copy of the car insurance policy that you have. You can gather money from your own insurance policy via med-pay, underinsured coverage or uninsured coverage.

  1. Hire an attorney

You should also hire a Personal Injury attorney, who rarely charges money to take up vehicular accident cases. It is essential that you should hire a lawyer who is prepared to do the additional work that is needed for making the most of your auto accident compensation claim.

If you have been in an auto accident while in Spartanburg, SC, Call your trusted Car Accident Attorneys today!