Who Is Covered by Workers’ Compensation In South Carolina?

In South Carolina, most employers with four or more employees are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. If you suffer from a job-related injury or illness, your employer’s insurance will provide coverage in most cases for the incident which caused the injury, even if you are at fault.

The employer’s insurance company may try to deny or limit workers’ compensation benefits to injured workers. The law offices of Anderson, Moore, Bailey & Nowell handle workers’ compensation claims in the state of South Carolina. Our attorneys can guide you through the process to help get your claim moving if your employer contests your claim.

What should I do If I have been injured on the job?

  • Notify your employer within 90 days to let them know you have suffered an injury on the job.
  • Document the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses to your injury.
  • Seek immediate medical attention, and provide as many details as possible about the incident and any pain you are suffering to the medical provider. Your employer has the right to select the doctor who will treat your injuries.
  • Once you report your injury to your employer, the employer’s insurance company will assign an adjuster to your case.

What workers’ compensation benefits can I expect to receive?

  • Workers’ Compensation law usually pays for lost wages, long term injuries and medical expenses. You may be compensated for surgery, hospitalization, medical supplies, prosthetic devices and prescriptions depending on the severity of your injury.
  • You may be compensated for the time you missed from work because of your injury. The law allows you to receive payment at the rate of 66 percent of your average weekly wage (based on the last four quarters prior to your injury). There is a seven day waiting period before benefits are paid by your employer’s insurance company. These payments should continue until the doctor determines you can go back to work.
  • It is possible to receive rehabilitation if you are unable to do the job because of your injury. The aim of rehabilitation is to help you rebuild your work skills in order to return to work.
  • If your injury occurred over a period of time, you may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits for your injuries.
  • You may be entitled to permanent disability payments if your doctor determines that you are still impaired after your course of medical treatment. The doctor or state workers’ compensation agency may give you an impairment rating to determine how disabled you are and how much you will get in permanent disability benefits.

The attorneys at Anderson, Moore, Bailey & Nowell have extensive experience with workers’ compensation claims. Our goal is to help you return to work when you are able, and to receive the appropriate compensation for your injury. If you have been injured on the job, please call us for a consultation.

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Source: South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Commission, (www.wcc.sc.gov)