Workers’ Compensation: 4 things every employee should know.

Workers Compensation Lawyer in Spartanburg, SC

Workers’ Compensation laws were enacted in the early 20th century in South Carolina and other US states to expedite the process for injured workers to receive compensation for job related injuries.  Most businesses, including those with four or more employees, are required by law to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Below are a few things employees should remember about Workers’ Compensation:

1. You should verify that your employer has insurance.

Most employers with 4 or more employees are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. There are a few exceptions, visit the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission website to learn more. It’s a good idea to verify if your employer is carrying the insurance. You can search the South Carolina online database to verify at the SCWCC Employer Verification Page.

2. If you become injured you need to notify your employer immediately.

There are certain limitations in South Carolina on the amount of time you have to notify your employer in the event you are injured. Waiting too long can affect your claims process. Typically the time period is 90 days from the time of the injury. If after notifying your employer a disagreement arises or you feel you are being treated unfairly,  it is probably a good idea to speak with an attorney to help determine if you have a valid claim and what benefits you can expect.

3. Compensation can begin soon after your accident.

The workers’ compensation system was created so that workers can begin getting funds very soon after the accident. The severity of the injury will determine the amount of money you will receive and workers compensation amounts are more standardized than compensation received through civil litigation. Disfigurement, loss of limbs, scarring and/or disability all weigh heavily on your claim. It’s important to have an attorney with Workers’ Compensation experience who can ensure you are being treated fairly by your employer.

4. The goal of Workers Compensation is to avoid a lawsuit.

Before workers’ compensation laws were enacted the only recourse that injured employees had was to sue their employer. It often would take months or years for injured persons to receive just compensations for their work related injury. Just because you speak with an attorney does not mean a lawsuit is pending. Attorneys help with the mediation process and work to ensure that if you have a valid claim you receive just, swift compensation.

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